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Any examples? (optional): I would like a style similar to x_scenenotheard
Color Scheme: blue, white, tan (matching the picture provided)
Scrollbar Colors: just leave the scroll bars 
Link colors
Unvisited: blue
Visited: pink
Active: blue
Hover: blue
Link decorations (none, strikethrough, blur, underline, border, etc)
Unvisited: underline
Visited underline
Active: underline
Hover: underline, bold
Background Picture (provide a link):
Background picture position:
Background scrolling (fixed or not?):                                 - I would just like a blue background with this picture where the picture is in the example journal
Background repeat:
Background Color:
Font name: comic sans ms
Font size: 10 pt.
Font color: FF0099
What do you want the comment links to say? (example (2 read | post)): # Got my message | Did you get my message?
Picture between comment links. Provide the link. (optional):
Comment link position [example/ left, right, center]: center
Entry Width (from 30-100): ??? - see the example... i'm not sure, whatever that is
Entry Position (left, right, center):  center
Border (none, solid, dashed, dotted, double): solid
Border Color: black
Border Thickness (1-10; 1 is very thin, 10 is very thick.): 10 
Image map (provide pictures & what you'd like on it) [optional]: i don't know what that is : - \
Sidebar (tell us what you'd want on it.. graphics, etc.):       -not sure what this or the one below it is, explain it to me if it's important, if not, don't worry about it
Header (optional): - see above
Anything else?: I know, that was painful to get through, because i'm pretty clueless, which is why I need help so bad. Basically I just want a color scheme that matches the image i provided, and the same set-up as the example only with my picture where hers is and different colors. and the font that i specified.
E-mail address:
AIM screenname: xoNotSoUsualxo

You'll have to forgive me for not really knowing what I'm doing, I had trouble understanding what some of the questions were asking
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