bruised evening skyline (amour_nocturne) wrote in 911____layouts,
bruised evening skyline

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color scheme help request

hey guys, i just redid my journal layout after having it the same for ever. i didn't change it that much but i did a bit & now i'm having some serious trouble with my color scheme.

i'm looking for anyone who's bored & good with color schemes.. help! i'm looking for a good scheme to go with the new header i'm using:

preferably i'd like to have some matching purples & blues or other colors that go with my default icon (the one with this post) with there still being a fair amount of black, but i guess i could live with a little less than i have now. i still want it to be in the old style & with tabular indent. (unless you come up with something that is ridiculously awesome, of course)

if anyone has the free time & is willing to help me out i'd be extremely grateful! i'm going to keep fiddling around with it, but so far everything i've come up with just clashes a lot.

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